Austrocel now supplies advanced bio-ethanol

After a construction period of one and a half years, the new bio-ethanol plant of AustroCel Hallein GmbH goes into operation. Since the beginning of the year, bio-ethanol has been produced in Hallein, a sustainable fuel that replaces fossil fuels and thus saves CO2.

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With the first successful trial delivery of advanced bio-ethanol, OMV and AustroCel Hallein GmbH are launching their long-term cooperation. With an annual capacity of up to 35 million litres, the Hallein bio-ethanol plant is the world's largest wood-based bio-ethanol plant. In the first year, AustroCel will already supply OMV with over 1.5 million litres of second-generation bio-ethanol per month - an important contribution to climate protection. "Austria's first plant for the production of second-generation bio-ethanol is now running in Hallein and we are launching our forward-looking cooperation with OMV. With our advanced bio-fuel we are using our resources responsibly and helping to save fossil fuels. We will continue our long-term strategy of 'Green AustroCel' and combine sustainability and economic success", explains Jörg Harbring, CEO AustroCel Hallein.

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Bio-ethanol from Hallein is produced exclusively on the basis of cellulosic residues and is considered to be particularly environmentally friendly, as no feed or food is used. The bio-ethanol is obtained from wood sugar, which is a by-product of cellulose production and is then fermented and distilled. With this sustainable basis, AustroCel Hallein's bio-ethanol belongs to the category of "advanced biofuels". This means that it can be added to petrol fuels in the future. By replacing fossil fuel, around 45,000 tonnes of CO2 will be saved per year. The product will thus contribute to reducing the CO2 intensity of OMV's product portfolio and support OMV's 2025 sustainability goals. Thomas Gangl, OMV Board Member responsible for Refining & Petrochemical Operations: "We are pleased to have found a reliable partner in AustroCel and are proud of the start of our cooperation, which will further secure the supply of biofuels in Austria. By using an advanced second generationbiofuel ,OMV can make a valuable contribution to help meet international climate targets. “

"With our advanced bio-fuel, we are using our resources responsibly and helping to save fossil fuels. We will continue our long-term strategy of 'Green AustroCel' and combine sustainability and economic success."

Jörg Harbring, CEO AustroCel Hallein

AustroCel GmbH has invested around 42 million euros in the new bio-ethanol plant at its premises in Hallein and created jobs for an additional 10 employees. "Despite the challenges of the current situation, we were able to meet our time and cost schedule with the highest safety standards throughout the implementation period of the project. Our team and partners have done a great job. The plant is ready and has successfully started trial operation," explains Franz Dieterich, Head of Project Management at AustroCel.

The plant has been fully operational since January 2021 and regular deliveries of bio-ethanol are being made to OMV.

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