YES to green electricity, NO to Husch-Pfusch action!

Paper industry warns: The bill for the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG) is not ready for a decision. Those who want to rush it through now are creating a bottomless pit of billions.

VIENNA (OTS). "Those who drive too fast endanger their passengers," says Kurt Maier, President of Austropapier, the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry, about tomorrow's planned action on the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG) on Vienna's Heldenplatz: "We too say YES to green electricity, but NO to the cost explosion. However, there will inevitably be such a bottomless pit of billions if the current bill is now thoughtlessly waved through."

Maier refers to an Open Letter from the paper industry to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on this matter: "Our experts have discovered that biomass recycling is subsidised twice as much as announced." This means that either the upper limit of one billion euros in subsidies cannot be kept or there is a blatant disadvantage for all other producers of clean energy. With one tenth of the renewable energy generated in Austria, the paper industry is one of the largest producers in the country.

"If tomorrow the Dachverband Erneuerbare, Global 2000 and the Klimavolksbegehren fight with actionism for rapid legislation, we have no objection in principle. But this must not be done at the expense of other providers and the taxpayer," says Maier. In the letter to the Chancellor, Austropapier therefore demands a clear cost cap, an expansion limit adjusted to this and a significant increase in efficiency in biomass utilisation.

The president of the paper industry is unreservedly committed to climate protection, but just as vigorously rejects the immature bill: "Speed is good, quality is better. We continue to say YES to green electricity, but quite clearly NO to a scurry-and-scurry action!" So far Austropapier has not received a reply from Chancellor Kurz.

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