Lenzing builds PV plant on landfill site

The Lenzing Group is planning the largest open-space photovoltaic plant in Upper Austria on an area of around 55,000 m². The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for summer 2021. After the expected commissioning in the second half of 2021, the plant's output will amount to 5.5 MWpeak. The plant's approximately 16,000 modules will generate just under 5,500 megawatt hours per year. This corresponds to the average annual electricity demand of more than 1,700 households and is unique in Upper Austria on this scale.

The photovoltaic plant is an important symbolic milestone for Lenzing on its way to becoming aCO2 neutral industrial site. The project is part of a global energy concept with which Lenzing, in addition to consistent energy savings, is focusing on the provision of electricity from 100 percent renewable sources in order to reduceCO2 intensity by 50 percent as early as 2030 and to be globally climate neutral by 2050.

"The great challenges of our time need answers. As a leader in innovation and sustainability, we are proactively contributing to the achievement of climate targets and setting new standards for our industry," explains Stefan Doboczky, CEO of the Lenzing Group. "In addition to ongoing major investments inCO2 neutral sites such as Thailand and Brazil, it is innovative projects like these at existing industrial sites that bring us one step closer to group-wide climate neutrality."

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