Healthy employees at safe workplaces

The safety and health of employees is a top priority for the paper industry. Occupational physicians work continuously on improving health protection and health promotion measures. The ambitious goal for occupational safety is zero accidents.


occupational safety

The paper industry is one of the leaders within the industry in terms of occupational safety.

Since 1993, accidents at work have fallen from 87 to 13 accidents per 1,000 employees. That's minus 85%.

The ambitious goal of the industry is: zero accidents!

The goal: zero accidents

In order to minimize the risk of accidents, the paper industry set up its own working group for occupational safety decades ago. This is where the companies' safety staff meet to exchange experience regarding technical and behavioral measures. The ambitious goal is zero accidents and the intensive efforts are bearing fruit.

In 2019, the number of occupational accidents with more than three days of absence fell significantly from 109 to 88 accidents compared to the previous year. Accidents with less than three days of absence also fell from 20 to 17 accidents. This is a very low level by industry standards. Although no plant remained accident-free in 2019, six plants with one accident narrowly missed the target. Two plants even managed to remain accident-free for more than 365 days. Companies with zero accidents in a calendar year are awarded the ÖZEPA occupational safety prize.

More health at work

Health is not the absence of disease and infirmity, but physical, mental and social well-being. The health of employees depends to a large extent on the conditions of the workplace and the environment, but also on the personal attitude of the individual. The Health Protection and Health Promotion Working Group has set itself the goal of improving work organization and working conditions, as well as creating a corporate culture that takes into account the performance of the individual and provides room for self-realization and identification.

Healthy shift schedules - working in a generationally appropriate manner

Since the paper machines run around the clock 365 days a year, shift work is essential for the paper industry. Around two thirds of all employees in the paper industry therefore work in drive-through operation or in another form of shift. The guideline "Generationally compatible work" deals with a health-compatible design of shift work, especially in old age. 



For several years now, the safety experts of Mondi Frantschach and Pulp Pöls in cooperation with AUVA have been providing training in occupational safety for pupils of the HTL Wolfsberg, combined with a factory tour and certificate of participation. For this, Mondi Frantschach and Pulp Pöls received the "Alle Achtung Award" from AUVA, which is awarded for special achievements in safety and health at work.

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