The Austropapier team

Gabriele Herzog


"I manage the Austropapier and am responsible for personnel, organisation and finances. The best service for our members is very important to me"

Werner Auracher


"One of the focal points each year is collective bargaining with the trade unions. In addition, I advise our members on labor law."

austropapier team ulrike jelinek assistance management square

Ulrike Jelinek

Management assistance

"I support the management of Austropapier and the trade association in organisational and administrative work. I work in the accounting department and take care of personnel matters."

+43 1 588 86 - 241 /

austropapier team julia loewenstein communication square

Julia Löwenstein

Communication, Paper & Biorefinery Conference, Project "Paper macht Schule" (Paper makes school)

"I am responsible for public relations and all internal and external communication of the association. I also take care of the annual Paper & Biorefinery Conference and the PapiermachtSchule project."

+43 1 588 86 - 294 /+43 650 620 10 79 /

austropapier team patrick mader economy and data service square

Patrick Mader

Wirtschaft & Datenservice, Management Board Print Power Austria

"Once a year our industry report is published, for which I am mainly responsible. In addition, I take care of the internal statistics as well as data and facts. I maintain contact with the print chain and manage the Two Sides sustainability campaign."

+43 1 588 86 - 273 / +43 699 17 68 60 14 /

austropapier team nina kainz editorial office print and online square

Nina Kainz

Assistance public relations, editing print & online

"I support the communications department in organisational & administrative activities such as meetings, press releases or our newsletters. Among other things, I am also responsible for advertising."

+43 1 588 86 - 283 /

austropapier team hans grieshofer resource policy square

Hans Grieshofer

Resource Policy Wood & Waste Paper

"I take care of the raw material issues of wood and waste paper. This is mainly about security of supply, logistics and transport. As a link in the forest-wood-paper value chain, I am part of various working groups, such as wood balance."

+43 1 588 86 - 204 /+43 1 664 40 34 688 /

swiss, georg di (c)priv (4)

Georg Schweizer

Certification coordinator

"The proof that wood comes from certified, responsible and legal forestry is extremely important for our members. I support the processing companies in the certification and audits and the certification organisations in the further development of the systems and standards."

+43 1 588 86 - 245 /+43 1 664 881 988 62 /

austropapier team karin schultmeyer assistance resource policy square

Karin Schultmeyer

Assistance Resource Policy

"In the field of raw materials and certification, numerous meetings and statistics have to be organised and prepared, as well as re-invoicing. In addition, I work in administration and make sure that everything always runs smoothly in the office".

+43 1 588 86 - 231 /

krassnigg free

Elisabeth Krassnigg

Environment & Climate Policy

"My main task is to inform our members about climate and environmental policy and to represent them. For this purpose, contacts at European level and with the ministries in Austria are very important."

+43 1 588 86 - 216 /

austropapier team birgit krista environment and energy square

Birgit Krista

Environmental & energy policy

"I support our member companies in environmental policy issues, such as the Green Electricity Act and the Waste Management Act. The current focus is on the reform of EU emissions trading, food safety and the ban on disposable plastics."

+43 1 588 86 - 271 /

austropapier team renate kepplinger energy technology and research square

Renate Kepplinger

Energy & Bioeconomy, Research & Development

"Energy is an important location factor for our member companies, and we are committed to a level playing field here. The bio-economy is about replacing fossil-based materials with bio-based ones in the future. A lot of research is still needed here."

+43 1 588 86 - 208 /

austropapier team theresa bernhart assistance oezepa square

Theresa Bernhart

Assistance ÖZEPA, Energy & Environment, Research & Development

"I organize the current committee meetings and working groups of ÖZEPA. I prepare all documents for annual accounts and audits under association law. I am also the contact person for our 250 members in all matters."

+43 1 588 86 - 256 /

austropapier team elisabeth kodys statistics square

Elizabeth Kodys

Statistics, databases, IT

"I oversee our statistics and IT. Most recently, I was responsible for network security and
support in the renewal of the entire IT. In addition, I provide everyone with the necessary data. Data protection is very important to us."

+43 1 588 86 - 242 /

austropapier team redzep ismael back office square

Redzep Ismael

back office

"I run errands and do small manual labor. I also make sure that everything runs smoothly in our office and at meetings. It's especially important to me that guests feel comfortable, for example when I serve my special coffee."

+43 1 588 86 - 0 /