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There had to be at least 5,000 of them to create the longest paper tree chain in the world. In the end, it became more than 18,000. With the project "PAPE[R]ECORD", the primary school Gratkorn 1 and the team of "Papier macht Schule" have exceeded their world record goal by a factor of 3.6. And that is not only a great success for the participants, but also a benefit for the environment. For every 50 paper trees submitted, a real tree is planted. A new climate-friendly forest is created.

The idea for PAPE[R]ECORD was born in June 2020. Under the motto "Now more than ever!", the Styrian school approached the "Papier macht Schule" team with the goal of setting a world record. It was to be "The longest chain of paper trees". In other words, the longest chain of paper trees. The idea behind it: "Create something great together in Corona time and do something good - for the sense of community and the environment," says primary school teacher Patrick Treml from the world record organisers. "Paper is increasingly replacing ecologically harmful materials such as plastic - whether for carrier bags, cosmetic tubes or other packaging. Meanwhile, even beer bottles are made of paper or cardboard."


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Participants from 26 countries

Initially, 5,000 paper trees - and thus 100 real trees - were planned. However, worldwide participation in the project quickly shot far beyond the original target. "However, the more than 18,000 paper trees submitted from 26 countries exceeded all our expectations. In hundreds of hours, volunteers sorted, reworked, threaded and hung the paper trees. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this great achievement!" Austropapier President Kurt Maier is delighted about the world record. On 17 May, an official jury inspected and measured the record attempt and confirmed that the chain with exactly 18,100 paper trees will be registered with "Guinness World of Records".

Climate-smart forest with 376 trees

The aim of the project was not only to achieve a world record, but even more to make a positive contribution to a good climate. For every 50 paper trees submitted, at least one real tree will be planted by the pupils of Gratkorn 1 primary school in autumn 2021. In the future, 376 trees in a climate-friendly world record forest in the north of Graz will ensure a good climate and clean air.

The total of 18,800 paper trees (700 more were received as paper trees than met the Guinness criteria) can now be viewed at the Kulturhaus Gratkorn from 17 to 21 May between 12:00 and 16:00 each day.

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